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About Bethany Baptist Church

People In Church

Why Bethany?


Willie and Elaine Chapple – Avon Park, FL:


 "From our first visit we felt caring and compassion as the newest members of this congregation.  The welcome we received was so warm and overwhelming!  Our time at Bethany has been something so very special and exciting to us, and as we continue going every week we are growing spiritually in a way we never imagined. We love seeing our children come home with smiles and laughing and telling us what they have learned from church and seeing the work God is doing in each of their lives."

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Robert, Cherie, and Lizzie Tucker –Sebring, FL:


“Bethany is a friendly, warm and welcoming church and where I met my wife and started our family.”

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Earl and Lynn Bosley – Sebring, FL: 


"We love Bethany because of the friendliness of the people and for the wealth of Biblical preaching and teaching.”

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Jo Hall – Sebring, FL:

"I love Bethany because it truly is a church with a heart...with God in the center!"



Bob and Brenda Crown – Avon Park, FL:

"We love Bethany for the family atmosphere and for the clear preaching and teaching that makes the Bible come alive!”

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