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Our Ministries

At Bethany Baptist Church, we are focused on ministering to the differing needs of our diverse family.  Whether you’re young or a little ‘more mature’ — single or married — male or female, there’s a ministry for you!  Our desire is to equip believers with the life skills needed to be joyful, productive followers of Jesus Christ.  Come and find a place to plug in!

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Prison Ministries

Often those who are out of sight are forgotten.  Bethany truly is a church with a heart — and as such, we have active outreach ministries to some of these ‘out of sight’ individuals.  


Reaching men in prison with the power of the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ, Bethany has a long-time ministry at the Polk County South County Jail.  Through the means of weekly visits, our team has the opportunity to share the wonderful story of Jesus with these men, encourage and pray for them, while speaking truth into their lives.  



Small Groups

Knowing that building real, meaningful and intimate relationships is vital to a healthy church, we focus on promoting community within our church — and in small group settings, living life together as followers of Jesus Christ.  Small groups meet regularly for discipleship, Bible study, prayer and encouragement with new groups starting soon. Wherever you are in your faith walk, you’re welcome at Bethany!

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Children and Student Ministries

The Children and Students’ Ministry at Bethany seeks to provide a caring ministry for both your child or teen and you as a parent.  Word of Life is a proven ministry that focuses on the importance of establishing a daily quiet time with God, building healthy relationships with others and seeking to challenge the next generation to reaching the world for Christ.  Your child will experience love and acceptance, have fun and learn to express their faith.  All of our leaders and workers are screened (which includes background checks) and have a heart for loving children and teens as Jesus taught and exemplified.  Through the use of check-ins and state of the art security, your child will be safe and loved while at Bethany.

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Women's Ministry


Women play a vital role in the life and health of any church and the ladies of Bethany are no exception!  Our women’s ministry centers on building spiritual, loving relationships with one another — while encouraging others in their walks with Christ.  Being a woman in today’s world is challenging!  Juggling career, family, children and church can be a handful.  Having the support of friends who will love and encourage you can help get you through life’s little ‘bumps in the road.’  The women of Bethany love God and one another and would enjoy the opportunity to meet you!

Men's Ministry

We live in a complex world where men face difficult challenges daily.  It is vital that men understand and live their God-given role — modeling Christ before others in terms of responsible spiritual leadership, compassion, courage and integrity.  Bethany seeks to foster an environment where men are connected to Christ and one another, challenged to the example of being a godly man as expressed in Scripture and engaged in the community and world around them.


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