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Welcome to Bethany!

Here's an overview of our church.

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What To Expect

Our church family is comprised of young and old with a mixture of many ethnic backgrounds. Dress tends to be business-casual, but there is always a mixture of ties and blue jeans. We have both a morning and evening service each Sunday as well as a traditional prayer meeting combined with Bible study on Thursdays. A variety of classes are offered for children and adults during our morning service times.  We also offer nursery care for infants through toddlers in selected services.

Sunday Morning

Services at 10:30am

Services are generally an hour in length with time for praise and prayer and 35 minutes of preaching. Our pastor leads our worship time that includes singing, reading of the Scripture and prayer. Our music is a blend of old and new and we use a variety of musical instruments to aid us in our praise of God. We aim to sing songs that turn us toward God, are full of theological truth, and exalt Jesus Christ.

Our pastor's preaching style is to go through a book of the Bible from beginning to end examining the original meaning of the text and how it applies to our lives today.

Sunday Evening

Services at 5:00pm

Our Sunday evening services are generally a bit more casual than the morning. It is also during our Sunday evening services when we celebrate Communion together as a church family and the baptism of professing Christians. It's a wonderful way to end our day of praise in the company of God's people.

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